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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to give my address?

The only purpose for giving your address when registering is to calculate mileage and show the closest house churches to your home. Your address will not be seen or shared with anyone. The process will require you to make contact and communicate by phone before you agree to share your address. We do not sell your information or share it with anyone else.

Do I really need to fill out my Profile and provide a picture?

This is a very personal endeavor, meant to gather people together and form relationships. Every house church leader and every user should complete their profile so that people will be able to investigate further. We suggest that you do not connect with someone that has no information that you can further investigate. Please make sure to provide your picture, a great narrative, and links to your socialmedia.

Could it be dangerous to be on a house church website?

We have designed the site to present information about your house church, without revealing your address. Every person contacting you will have their own profile, so you will have the opportunity to further investigate people who are interested in attending your house church before you contact them. We suggest not giving your address to anyone you feel suspicious about or that you cannot investigate further through their profile. The process is that you would call the person to get to know them. You can even go another level and meet interested parties for coffee or at other public places before sharing your address.

What is your definition of House Church?

The simple definition for house church for this website is a group of Christians gathering in someone’s home. This website is not designed to share meetings that bring people to a brick and mortar church. However, it is extended to brick and mortar churches to create house church networks with their members. They may call them cell groups, life groups, or any number of names, but if they meet in a home, they will have the opportunity to share it with the public.

Can I list a church activity on the site that is taking place anywhere other than a private residence?

We apologize if this is offensive in any way, but this website is specifically for gatherings happening in homes. You may feel free to share any activities that are happening outside your home with the people who visit, but if an activity listed on this site is found to be anywhere other than a home, then it will eventually be “reported” by someone expecting a house church. This is Find A House Church and those that use it will be trying to Find A House Church.

Are you trying to replace the current church model?

House church is the biblical model and can be accomplished while still attending a larger congregational church. Discipleship and relationships happen more efficiently when in smaller groups, which is why the Apostles and followers of Jesus met publicly and house to house. It was not one or the other, it was both and everywhere two or more gathered. However, for this website, I will stress again, please only list gatherings happening in homes. There are many that have been wounded by the current church model and would rather build relationships in a different setting.

What Do You Believe?

Jesus Is King! If we are saved, then we are a part of a Kingdom where Jesus is King. It is only through faith in the blood of Jesus that we can be saved and be born again. If Jesus is King in our life, then it is no longer we that lives, but Christ lives in and through us by way of the Holy Spirit…the SAME Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. Anything the Holy Spirit did in the Bible is what He is fully capable of doing today through His people. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever and we should all be willing to want all that He has to give, even if it messes with our opinions and doctrines.

How do you keep people from falling into error?

Consider this question. Is it more or less likely for someone to fall into error by listening and supporting one man’s leadership and teaching or by everyone being able to discuss and reason together? The Holy Spirit meant for us to challenge each other and for everyone to bring something to the table. When we put a man on a pedestal and do not hear from God ourselves, we can easily be persuaded to believe anything. Denominations are formed by man, ego drives division, but remaining focused on Jesus and resigning our will to follow after the Spirit that resides in us, will bring us together as one and put all of our petty opinions to the side. We are all different, serve different purposes in the Body, but we are all one body! If we focus on Jesus and spend more time worshipping Him and letting Him speak to all of us, then it is more difficult to fall into error. Iron will sharpen Iron!

Couldn’t House Church facilitate the possibility of a church split?

It is possible that equipping the saints for the work of ministry could actually expand the Kingdom of God outside your organization. Let me ask you a couple of questions. If you are equipping your people to do ministry, would they want to continue to be led by you and have your support? If other churches were embracing growth of their members and you chose to try and contain your members, would that not have more potential of causing your church to fail and stunt its growth? Is it possible, that if you teach and equip your members to evangelize their neighborhoods through house church, that it could actually grow your congregational church through the relationships built? The body grows healthily when cells split and carry the DNA equally throughout all cells.

Who are You and What Do You Get Out of This?

My name is John Stewart Hill and I am a businessman in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. I created a non-profit called The Central Storehouse, however, unless someone chooses to donate, this whole ministry is supported by my business. I have chosen to take a “No Ulterior Motives” stance with this ministry. In other words, I have chosen to not take anything financially from the ministry or use it to make money in any other form. I do hope that one day, the ministry will not only support its own growth, but that the majority of anything coming in will go entirely to outreach and help the people who need it here in our own nation and around the world. My company pays my bills, so the only thing I get out of this is knowing that I am advancing the Kingdom and influencing people to love Jesus and make disciples.

Do I have to have Credentials to Have a House Church on this Website?

Yes! You have to have been purchased by the blood of the Lamb and love Him with all your heart. You have to have a testimony that you can share and a house where you can share it. You must love God with all your heart, mind, and strength and love others as yourself. You must be credentialed in considering others greater than yourself and be willing to lay your will down to do the will of King Jesus. If you can meet all these qualifications and are willing to allow the Holy Spirit to work in everyone that gathers, then we welcome you to create a house church.

What Are Some Ideas for Evangelism?

The first and easiest place is in your neighborhood or neighborhoods nearby. It isn’t difficult to walk around your neighborhood and invite people to your home for a weekly dinner, bible study, prayer meeting, etc.Simple Flyer

Get a sign printed and put it in your yard and where your town allows signage! Chances are if your neighbors go to Find A House Church, they will see you at the top of the list!.Simple Sign Example

If you attend a brick and mortar church, go to the leadership and tell them about the FREE LANDING PAGE where they can have their own mini-site and encourage them to list their Small Groups. Any gathering in a home is allowed to be listed for free on Find A House Church.

You can be as creative as you would like to be! Build whole networks of house churches and begin to create events where you bring everyone together for an Open Air Worship night! WE ARE THE CHURCH and the Holy Spirit is the same Holy Spirit that built the Church from the beginning.