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Trailblazer's Guide

With the Find A House Church website, it is easy to start something right where you are! The website is free and does not solicit funds, so promoting it is a ministry in itself. With very little to nothing, you can start spreading the word in your area and potentially start a movement. All of this is dependent on God bringing favor and quickening the spirit of those finding the website. His hand will be on it! Here in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, I use a percentage of my company’s radio advertising budget to run ads for Find A House Church. That is a more expensive way to do it and gets broader results. However, when I started my own house church, I went to the local Sign Shop and had a few yard signs made.

Within 3 weeks we had over 20 people that we didn’t know contact us. We met with them for coffee or dinner and invited them to our home. This led to salvations and a bond that goes beyond gathering together. These signs also alerted other house churches in the area to list their house church! So, whether you have your own house church or are looking for house churches, this simple and fairly inexpensive sign could spark something amazing. Once there are several listed, then someone may feel led to reach out to all the leaders and bring them together. This is an apostolic work that multiplies and spreads. Do you feel the leading of the Holy Spirit to do something? This simple act of purchasing and putting out signs could lead to the salvation of many souls. It could bring about a great move of God in your area! You can also simply share the website on social media or come up with your own creative ways to get the movement started in your area. If you are part a traditional church, then you can share the website with your pastor, and he can help equip the saints to do the work of ministry in their own neighborhoods. The church’s small groups can become evangelistic by simply listing them! For traditional churches and organizations, we even give the ability to have their own free landing page to send their people to and keep track of their house churches. CLICK HERE to create your free landing page. If enough people get onboard with promoting the website, there is no telling how that could affect the neighborhoods in your city and the growth of the local church.